Smoking Cessation

Have you struggled with your efforts to become free of nicotine addiction? You are not alone. Every smoker has their own reasons for wanting to become a non-smoker. Whatever your reasons, you will be amazed at all the ways your life will improve when you stop smoking.

Just a few reasons you may be considering smoking cessation counseling:

  • I will enjoy improved health and appearance
  • I will have more money at my disposal to spend on things important to me
  • My car, home, clothes and kids won’t smell like smoke
  • I will set an example for the people I care about
  • I will have more time and energy to do things I love
  • I will improve my chances at being around to share in life’s special moments

You do not have to continue to be a slave to smoking/nicotine use. I utilize a combination of clinical hypnosis, cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques to assist clients in their smoking cessation goals.

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